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Our offer

  • Comprehensive language services
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Industry-specific translation of texts in technical, financial, economic, legal, official,
    and marketing domains
  • Website content
  • Language services for complex investment and engineering projects
  • Individual customers
  • A wide range of available languages
  • State-of-the-art tools for customer service and translation process assistance


We deliver translations for complex technical projects as well individual requests

Our experience covers the following domains

Governments and authorities (legal instruments and acts, resolutions, regulations, decisions, certificates)
Technical projects (construction, architecture, electronics, ICT)
Economy and finance (investment projects, financial statements, annual reports, corporate documentation)
Specific manuals and catalogues (electronics, ICT, construction, and other sectors)
Other types of document (applications, letters, dissertations, analytical papers, publications)
Marketing content
Certified translations


We deliver interpreting services during meetings, events, conferences, negotiations, transactions, legal actions, etc. These services may be simultaneous or consecutive. They are usually provided at the customer’s venue, but provision from our office or online is also possible.

Simultaneous interpreting • Consecutive interpreting • Certified interpreting

Language services

We supply a diverse range of customers and events with language services. In addition to translations, our assignments include reviewing, revising, editing, post-editing. We have completed localization projects as well as specific orders for editing texts, data, and entries. We also work with terminology-related tasks.

Please contact us and/or submit requests via our contact form.

EU institutions

For many years, we have been translating for European Union institutions. This cooperation is conducted under framework contracts for comprehensive translation-related services, with thousands of pages already delivered. Thanks to the quality of our work, we are ranked very highly on the EU institutions’ list of contractors.

Economy and finance

We deal with economic and financial texts. We cover complex and extensive investment and analytical projects as well as specific single documents. Examples of documents we have worked on include financial statements, annual reports, feasibility studies, analytical analyses, corporate documents, and investment process documentation. In terms of themes, the documents cover business and microeconomic issues as well as macroeconomic and policy analyses. We translate specialized studies and papers, press releases, website content, and explainers.

Complex technical projects

We have experience in complex technical projects. These include extensive and complicated undertakings in a range of sectors including infrastructure, architecture, ICT, and electronics. They are usually in two (or more) languages, with 33 Translation Services Agency supplying linguistic services. We translate the full documentation and assist in international meetings. Our previous assignments covered, inter alia, actions financed from EU funds, Norwegian funds, and the World Bank. For example:

  • projects for bridge crossings and transport ways
  • construction, reconstruction, and upgrading of roads, flyovers, overpasses, tunnels, transport routes, city areas, sports and entertainment facilities
  • entrepreneurship support projects
  • programmes for cities’ financing structures, asset management, and creditworthiness enhancement
  • feasibility studies for water and sewage systems
  • machinery documentation (inter alia, for electronic devices and components)
  • applications and supporting documents for EU co-funding.

Please contact us
and/or submit requests via our contact form.