Previous Commitments

The selection of our previous, and some current, commitments presented below will give you some insight in the areas of our operation:

1. Translation services for the Netherlands Consulate at Gdańsk.

2. The World Bank Group financially assisted project 'Bridge Crossing over the Martwa Wisła River in Gdańsk'.

3. Project 'Construction of Bridge Crossing over the Regalica River in Szczecin'.

4. Project 'Modernisation of Janka Wi¶niewskiego Street in Gdynia', documentation for an international tender; the project qualified for the financial assistance of the European Communities' institutions.


5. 'Plato Project' supported by the Flemish Community (advanced international project for the development of Polish SME's;

6. 'Kwiatkowskiego Route Scheme III' the project qualified for the financial assistance within the European Communities' instrument ISPA.

7. Project 'Bridge Crossing over the Wisła River near Kwidzyn'.

8. Final Report "Creditworthiness Enhancement Programme for the City of Gdańsk".

9. Feasibility Study "Bydgoszcz Programme for Rehabilitation and Reclamation of Existing Water and Sewerage System".

10. Report for Asset Holding Company of Gdańsk.

11. User's Manuals for production line of PCB's (digital drills, testers, etc.).

12. Branch Cataologues and publication (construction, electric and electronic engineering, computers, software, etc.).

13. Investment project 'Sports and Spectacle Arena in Gdynia'.

14. Applications and documents to the European Communities' institutions.

15. Interpreting during commercial meetings and negotiations.