"33" Translation Services Agency is a team of translators who provide complex language services within the following areas:

- translation,
- consecutive interpreting,
- simultaneous interpreting.

The translation works may be certified (i.e. made by sworn translators).
We provide services mainly in the following languages:

- English,
- German,
- Dutch,
- French,
- Spanish,
- Italian,
- Russian,
- others.

We specialise in translations of complex projects (see our Previous Commitments) but also deal with separate documents. So far, we have operated in the following branches:


- administration and offices (legal instruments, resolutions, regulations, etc., also for the EU),
- technical projects (construction engineering, architecture, electronics),
- business and finance (investment projects, financial statements, annual reports, etc.),
- branch manuals and catalogues (electronics and computers, construction engineering, etc.),
- all kinds of documentations (invoices, application forms, letters, studies, publications).

As regards interpreting, we provide services for group and individual foreign visitors as well as for Polish persons and institutions dealing with international partners. Our operation includes tourism and trade.

For detail information, please contact us: info@33.com.pl .